FK-EPP automatic vacuum forming machine

 ØThe  whole machine has no steam hose, no drainage hose , and no hard pipe connection, which greatly saves steam energy consumption and reduces production costs.

Ø  Equipped with a quick mold change system , the mold change time only takes about 10-20 minutes

ØThe  steam system and drainage system adopt the German central energy distributor , 4 sets of 14-bit energy distribution.

ØThe  machine comes with double thermal insulation steam chamber , the valve is embedded in the steam chamber , the distance is shorter, the penetration is stronger, the efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption is lower.

ØThe  machine adopts 6 double systems – double steam system, double decompression system, double vacuum system, double condensation system, double feeding system, double drainage and exhaust system, which greatly reduces the production cost

ØThe  touch screen can be rotated and moved 360° , which is more convenient and safer to operate, and the anti-pressure film detection function can be given as a gift

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